Pizza restaurant

It is difficult today to find a traditional Italian pizza restaurant. The famous fine dough that defines them is something difficult to achieve. For a pizza to be perfect, it must be firm enough to be easy to eat without it falling, but without being hard and stiff. And, of course, always keeping the flavors of the best ingredients!

Baked pizzas will always have that special touch that only a traditional cooking technique can provide. Are you looking for a pizza restaurant with a wood oven? Ôven Mozzarella Bar is your best option. We have five restaurants in Madrid and Murcia, where you can see for yourself what traditional Italian food tastes like.

And if you are looking for a pizza restaurant that offers healthier pizza varieties, we are made for you! We offer all our spelt dough pizzas. It is a type of wheat that is easier to digest, as well as having fewer calories and more protein than conventional wheat. Try the best pizzeria by booking on our website and come and meet us!

You don’t feel like leaving home? Do not worry! We deliver directly to your house, or even to your office if you want to. Order directly to your house through our website!

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